Oxford lime has recently upgraded the facilities including a new storage and processing shed and plant to provide a high quality end product. Due to the chalk like properties Oxford lime is highly soluble and will react quickly in soil providing fast results which is  particulary important in cropping scenarios and for correcting low pH soils to provide a faster return.

Oxford lime - great product at a great price.

The following benefits can be achieved from applying Oxford Lime

  • Calcium is an important plant nutrient required for metabolic processes, improving plant cell wall structure and cell elongation. The addition of lime will help increase plant drought tolerance and to protect the plant against disease
  • Lime helps to correct soil acidification and to reduces Aluminium toxicity in soils to reduce adverse effects on plant growth.
  • Increased soil biology and promotes beneficial soil bacteria
  • Increased Fertiliser uptake efficiency
  • Improves soil structure and earthworm activity

Feel free to contact us or your local spreading company to organise transport and spreading options.

Basalt rock (rock armour / riprap)

Hard basalt rock graded proven to provide superior erosion control. Ideal for Harbours and break waters, lakeside or riverside protection, storm drains, scour protection, slope stability and channel flow control.

  • Excellent Weathering Characteristics
  • ECAN Approved for Canterbury rivers

We can supply and grade to the required specifications. We can supply and deliver rock to the required site location or supply products ex quarry.

Fine Sand

We have vast quantities of fine sand available.

  • Ideal for drainage 
  • Concrete pad site preparation 
  • Pipe bedding 
  • Blend with topsoil for lawns 


Landscape rock and boulders

We have a large range of boulders in different colours, shapes and sizes. These boulders make great landscape rock for gardens and entrance ways. Decorative landscdape rocks for gardens, banks, ponds, feature rocks.

Gabion rock

65-200 mm rock ideal for retaining walls

Bentonite clay

A cost effective source for lining ponds and lakes. Sold in bulk.

Soil and plant testing

Enquire now for soil and plant testing. We'll provide lime and fertiliser recommendations to improve your soil health and fertility, leading to increased production and yield.